10 Foods that help you fight acne

Foods contra el Acne
Foods contra el Acne

Food Against Acne. Acne is a very common condition, as most people have it at some point in their lives. With a low glycemic index diet and purifying foods we can eliminate it and improve the skin’s condition.

1 Nuts against inflammation of the skin

They are known for their contribution in omega-3 fats, which makes them a necessary food to deflate and take care of our skin. Include about 4 nuts a day in your diet. To promote their digestion and, therefore, improve the absorption of their nutrients, it is also necessary to activate them, so it is recommended to leave them soaked previously for about 8 hours. Food Against Acne

2 Antioxidant black grapes

Fruit and seed contain antioxidant substances effective in treating inflammatory skin conditions and controlling the side effects of allergic reactions. Eat them 4 times a week, mid-afternoon or at breakfast.

Foods contra el Acne
Foods contra el Acne

3 Zinc-rich pumpkin seeds

They are very rich in zinc, the essential mineral for skin, hair and nails. If you roast or activate them before consuming them you will absorb this and other nutrients contained in them. Take 1 or 2 tablespoons a day, slightly toasted or soaked and dehydrated.

4 Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory black garlic

It has all the properties of garlic, plus the fact that it is fermented. It is ideal for fighting inflammation. Includes a pair of garlic cloves a day in sauces or mayonnaise.

5 Immunostimulant mushrooms

These fungi tone the immune system and bring healthy fiber to the microbiota. In addition, they help regulate blood sugar and contain minerals such as zinc. Eat mushrooms and other mushrooms 3 or 4 times a week as a side dish, vegetable pates or cream.

Foods contra el Acne
Foods contra el Acne

6 Artichokes to help the liver

Other food against acne is for their richness in fiber they are ideal to take care of the intestinal transit and flora, but also their bitter taste and their substances benefit the liver function, necessary to detoxify the body. Take at least 2 artichokes 3 days a week, steamed, baked or marinated.

7 Black olives for good fats

A source of healthy fats along with avocado or olive oil. They have vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, and their bitter taste improves digestions. They are better ecological, which will also not have monosodium glutamate. Eat about 8 or 12 a day to benefit from your fats and vitamin E.

8 Carrots to add vitamins to your skin

They are rich in beta-carotenes, the precursors of vitamin A. To make them more bioavailable, it is essential to cook them and season them with oil. Give them day if day no, steamed, creamed or baked.

9 Kombucha tea or pickles for your microbiota

Fermented foods are essential in the diet. Some are easy to make at home, like these I propose here, but also kefir or sauerkraut. These foods provide beneficial bacteria for our gut, food against acne. Drink 1 glass of kombucha a day before lunch or dinner, or add pickles or pickles to your dishes every day.

10 Depurative escarole

Its bitter heart improves liver function, and its chlorophyll-rich green leaves help cleanse and purify blood. Include it 4 times a week in your salads.  

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