10 Strangers natural beauty tricks

Strangers natural beauty tricks. Some foods and natural ingredients found in our kitchen be the allies who have been looking for beauty problems: eliminate frizz, nails or even stop that annoying barrito.

After trying these natural tricks, you will definitely become a fan.

To strengthen nails, garlic

Many enamels already contain extract one of this ingredient as a strengthening element. To create it yourself, grind a garlic-powdered tooth and add it to your clear enamel. You’ll see that in a few days fragile nails will be a thing of the past.

Hair masks

If there are three naturals that will transform your hair dry and lifeless to a catwalk mane, these are mayonnaise, egg and olive oil.

You can apply and rinse each ingredient or put them together and make a mask. Two mayonnaise, two egg whites and a part of the oil to be presented to the solution.

Firm skin? A jet of cold water

We know there’s nothing like a good hot bath, but this can affect your skin more than you imagine.

For swelling, cucumber or potato

Both cucumber and potato have deinflammatory and astringent properties. Cut either into slices and apply them to the affected area, such as dark circles or eye color.

Against the dark circles, two cold spoons

Applying a little cold to swollen areas is a foolproof beauty trick.

If you were crying or woke up like you had the unveilof life, put two spoons in the fridge and let them cool for 15 minutes.

Remove and place on the affected part, resting every 20-30 seconds.

Strangers natural beauty tricks
Strangers natural beauty tricks

Honey to see the skin

Heal the irritations and balance the pH of your face with the help of this sweet and natural elixir.

Combine 2 honey with one of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and apply to your clean face for 20 minutes. Its moisturizing and antibiotic properties will decrease irritations, while softening.

For oily hair, lemon and black tea

Forget extra heavy and oily hair, natural remedies like lemon and black tea, both excellent astringents, will do the work for you.

Mix juice of half a lemon and half a cup of black tea and rinse your hair with the mixture. Leave for 1-3 minutes and remove with warm water.

Coriander leaves for bad breath

The antibacterial properties of this herb are well known.

There is usually a leaf served in restaurants at all.

If you’re desperate to eliminate evil in a natural way,
chew it for 5 minutes and zone the difference. The same works with mint leaves.

Acne-versus-acne toothpaste

Toothpaste if it eliminates acne breakouts.

Of course, do not abuse this trick, just use it when granites remove the granites overnight. Place a drop of pasta in the affected area and let it dry overnight.

Baking powder as a service self-tooth remover

As strange as it may sound, this powder can do wonders for bronzer mistakes.

The trick is to place three outbuildings in a cup of water and create a mixture thick enough to place and massage into the lines you want to remove. Strangers natural beauty tricks


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