10 tips to make makeup look professional

For makeup to stand out and adds a plus to the look, you don’t have to buy a thousand and one products or think about techniques just suitable for experts. There are some very simple professional tips and tips that help enhance it and make the most of its benefits. We give you the top ten.

1. Use base, concealer or primer on the eyelids.

It will allow to neutralize the pigmentation of the eyelid so that the shadow, which will be applied later, is seen in its purest tone”, explains the makeup machine Connie Moreno.

2. Create a single point of attention.

In order for the makeup to be harmonious and not fall into a style too recharged, it is important to highlight the mouth or eyes. For example, a red lipstick will be balanced with a neutral shading or in the brown range; and the smokey eyes, with nude or neutral lips,” advises Florence Ducos, image consultant and personal marketing expert, make makeup look professional

3. Perform shaded delineating.

It is a fundamental tip to make the delineated last longer. The steps are as follows: “Perform the first layer with a pencil over the top eyelid and well stuck to the lash line and on that line, apply the shadow. For even more marked eyeliner, over those two layers, apply a waterproof liquid eyeliner. The most dramatic effect, meanwhile, will be performed by following the same steps on the lower eyelid,” Moreno details.

4. Apply enough mascara to lashes.

This is on the top and bottom line, careful not to leave lumps. “If you’re encouraged to use false eyelashes, you’re going to see a before and after, because they really empower eye makeup,” Moreno recommends

5. Combine makeup with outfit.

In a party look, blaming both shades will raise the stakes to the image and give the idea of having devoted more attention to personal production,” ducos says.
10 tips to make makeup look professional
10 tips to make makeup look professional

6. Neutralize skin tones.

Notions of colorimetry will give the guidelines for doing so. In the reddish areas of the skin, a green tonalizer should be placed and the violaceae, such as dark circles, a yellow concealer. Pigmentation spots on the skin can be countered with an orange concealer. It is important to use a small amount of these tones and only over the area that needs to be paired”, explains Moreno.

7. Clean shade thoroughly.

It is very common for particles to be left under the eye and give a sloben appearance. With a tissue paper or a clean brush, they can be easily removed.

8. Fix the foundation.

The secret is to apply colorless and translucent volatile powder. It will allow you to nuance unwanted glosses and extend the duration of a daily use base,” moreno suggests. Another foolproof tip: at the end, “spray the skin with thermal water”, completes Ducos.

9. Make up your eyebrows!

Filling the blanks of the eyebrows with a shade or eyebrow pencil in the same natural shade will enhance the look,” Moreno says. The secret is to maintain a natural aesthetic.

10. Make some tintimes throughout the night.

Renewing the lipstick after eating, refreshing the liner, passing a tissue paper to remove unwanted shines and adding a thin layer of powder will help keep us flawless”, ends Ducos.The difference will jump into view! make makeup look professional

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