13 tips of homemade beauty


Here we will introduce you 13 homemade beauty tips that you can put into practice at any time.


These tips help you eliminate dark circles, show off a skin with ingredients from the kitchen, have a radiant a smooth hair, without using one of hair, a professional manicure at home, among things iron, homemade beauty

1. An exfoliating face mask.

Mix 6 strawberries and 2 sssss of honey. Apply the paste to your face for about 15 minutes and remove with warm water. The citric acid that strawberries have next to honey exerts a disinfectant and astringent effect, ideal for oily skin and with blackheads.

2. Potato and cucumber against bags and dark circles.

Both potato and cucumber work to reduce bags and dark circles and decongest the look. In both cases it only s counts cut a couple of slices and apply them over the eyes for 20-30. You can tell the difference.

3. Corrector to hide acne

If you have acne right in the most visible place on your face, the first premise is not to touch it. To hide it use your dark eyeconal checker, blur well, apply compacts and then make up regularly.

4. Smooth hair without iron

How do you do it? With wet hair and well untangled you have to put a curl on the top of your head. A continuation catch lock by lock and roll it around the head, from left. When you’re done, you take off your curl and curl the lock like you’ve done with the rest of your hair. Hold it with tweezers or a turban.

Leave at least two hours until the hair has dried.

5. Waves in the hair

If what you want is the opposite, wear some nice waves, without using heat tools, make yourself a braid… Your waves will be more or less implications, depending on mind braids. The tighter you squeeze, the more marked they will be. If you want to show waves from the root, you have to get a root. If you want medium waves at the end, a simple one will be xea.


13 tips of homemade beauty
13 tips of homemade beauty

6. Dried hair

If you have dry hair, once a week, after washing, remove moisture with a towel, apply your usual mask and wrap it in the towel, better if it is hot. Let her act for half an hour, while you have breakfast, for example. Then you can comb it easily and areas that are very soft.


7. A homemade hair mask

Two beaten egg yolks with 2-drops of oil. Apply to your hair from medium to ends, never on roots. Leave it on for 30 minutes, then wash your hair regularly. You will get a plus of shine and softness.

8. Hairstyles for gray hairs or roots

Hair ribbons and handkerchiefs are your allies to hide your roots or gray hairs that Always go where I know where they look.

9. Reduce the thickness of the costs of plastic cartons.

Apply anti-cellulite and wrap your legs or belly with plastic film for 30-40 minutes. The foil increases sweating, so you can remove fluid and some pocon. An easy way to get into that tight dress that you can’t get abrote.

10. Color for your legs without self-work.

Mix a little foundation with your body moisturiser in a bowl and apply it to your legs. They will be hydrated and with a slight color.

11. Perfect manicure.

If you paint your nails at home to avoid staining the skin you can put Petroleine around the nail (the fat I cone repels the enamel) or you can also get jealous and remove it afterwards. If despite this your skin has been stained you can remove the enamel by gently cleaning your fingernail or meter hands, once the enamel is dry, in hot water and s how easy to sell.

12. Soft feet and hards sins.

With the rubbing of sandals it is normal for the heels of the cakes to show hardness and calluses. If you want to get up with the perfect feet, every night, date a bath with hot water and a splash of vinegar, dry them well and apply a moisturizer or specific to your feet and sleep with socks, homemade beauty.

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