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4 Makeup Tricks to Disguise Acne

Makeup Tricks to Disguise Acne. You’re acne-stalking and you don’t know what to do to hide it anymore? Some people may develop acne from varying causes that can lead to hormonal mismatch a diet. Neither women nor men are saved from acne. So if this is your case and you want to learn how to disguise acne this article about all the information you need.

What a makeup should look like to cover up acne and blemishes

Below we will show you how to be a makeup to dismangle acne and pimples in a few steps so that what they eat in practice in all and each of the beauty routines and facial care.

1. Cleansing the face is the main thing

Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance and we talk about the skin of the face more, you should be aware that if your skin has a lot of acne you should consult a dermatologist that indicates the correct makeup for your skin. And remember to apply a make-up routine at least twice a day, in the morning when you get up and at night before bed. You should also remember to wash your hands whenever you are going to touch your face, which should be the minimum number of times, also to make up. Don’t forget to keep makeup tools like sponges always clean. Of course you should not forget the makeup because the pores of your skin become clogged and infected by worsening acne.

2. Using the concealer

This is one of the fundamental products for acne makeup. With the ideal concealer you will be able to maintain a uniform appearance of your skin. The first thing you should know that you have to choose a concealer tone that disguises the imperfection you present. Usually the color of the grains is a reddish tone, so ideally you choose a sconnity green concealer tone so that you apply before placing the foundation, because it is a color to the opposite of the grain so it is reasonable. The way to apply it is with a brush and then with the fingertips of your small fingers made to extend it. The texture of the concealer is also extremely important, this should have a creamy texture easy to apply. Makeup Tricks to Disguise Acne


3. The right base

When you have skin with acne, you should choose a makeup for oily skin. So by the fact of having fat fat you can choose a makeup. The tone of the makeup should have a color similar to that of your skin. You should keep in mind that you should apply it with a special foundation brush, which you must also wash thoroughly at least once a week, this to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria. You should also keep in mind that if your skin is oily there are specific bases for you so that it consumes it easier

4. Make-up on the eyes and lips

Here you must achieve a balance that makes your skin look. You should add intensity in the eye and lip area, so that they catch all eyes and divert attention from the grains. You must if empty area you will highlight to disguise the simulate the acne with your yourself makeup is not recommended that glasses or times or concerts a very recharged makeup. The important thing is to get a makeup without shines, because in itself our skin has it and we have to disguise it.

And, as a beauty tip, you should also consider applying in your routines essential oil that should fight acne, so your skin will be worth ingessing it. And there’s no type of that, but you’ll repair it from the damage caused by makeup.


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