Errors that cause acne. Here are the Acne Errors for you to take your precautions and avoid annoying pimples on your face.

  1. Your base clogs your pores

If you’re using a foundation that’s not right for your skin type, maybe you’ll turn to an expert to identify whether your complexion is oily, mixed or dry, as well as a good one where the right foundation is for you.

  1. Your translucent powder clogs your pores

Maybe using the right foundation, but if the final layer of your makeup is too heavy for your skin type, it’s definitely not working. Remember that its purpose is to avoid shine and make your skin look healthy and smooth, so go with an expert and ask to recommend a suitable product.

  1. You keep your brushes in the bottom of a drawer or your makeup case

One of the most common, but also of the most damaging. All you’re doing is spreading the bristles from all the bacteria that have accumulated around you. Get a brush organizer and let them sit in the book air, touch them between them.

  1. Apply your makeup with dirty hands

Remember that you should always wash your hands with antibacterial soap before placing any product on your face, from cream to eyeliner, so you can prevent the bacteria in your hands from invading the skin of your face and then becoming imperfections. errors that cause acne

  1. Poor quality sponges

Remember that the cheap expensive sale, and those cheap sponges have no barrier to prevent the nominees from standing there. Use a vitamin E, so you can avoid spreading other parts of your face.

  1. Never wash your brushes

Or you do it every three months (if you agree), remember that it is more than essential to wash them at least once a week, so you can get rid of any possible that causes imperfections. Bet on vegan brushes, which retain only what you need.

  1. Don’t moisturize your skin

Before applying any type of product, even solar, your skin should be well hydrated, if you don’t, then your skin is fattest than normal in the form of defense. errors that cause acne

  1. Sleep with makeup

Even if it’s just a little BB Cream or mascara, sleeping with makeup that makes pores are saturous and the next day they eat new blackheads to give problems. You need a good makeup remover to refresh your face and make it dawn like new.


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