Beauty tips men could learn from women

Times change and it’s time to leave behind some prejudices about male care, here are 5 beauty tips men could learn from women.

Exfoliation, hydration and protection

Today, it is important that all people take care of their health and physical appearance, regardless of whether they are men or women, that is why we invite you to follow these three steps:
  1. The exfoliator, on the market you will find exfoliants especially for men, usually a granulated cream that will help you remove dead cells.
  2. Hydration, for men is vital because the skin is affected by environmental factors, stress, and shaving that can abuse the skin of the face. And
  3. Use sunscreen that prevents premature aging and even possible skin cancer.
All this combined, of course, with a good diet and some physical activity.

Use conditioner

This is essential for hair care, keeps it soft and prevents it from breaking. Also, if you have a beard, you can also apply some product on it.

Use less perfume.

Usually, men usually use too muchperfume because of the false belief that they sweat more and have more body hairs and therefore the scent lasts less. What you should review is your method of application: use about 5 minutes beforehand a scentless cream to make the colony more impregnated on the skin. Apply to areas where you have more pulses such as your neck, wrists, and anterior elbow crease) and do not rub it. We also recommend that you buy a small rechargeable atomizer that you can carry with you and tweak it from time to time but without exaggerating.

Don’t shave the space between your eyebrows.

If you think you have too many hairs on that part of your face, don’t use a knife to remove those hairs, because the effect lasts a short time and you may get pimples or some kind of irritation may arise. It is better to use tweezers to wax or even hot wax, if you dare. You can also trim them a little with a few small scissors.
Beauty tips men could learn from women
Beauty tips men could learn from women

Dare to ask

We know that for men, asking for information or help for a beauty product can be difficult, mainly because of the prejudices that there are about male care. But don’t worry, currently, in most department stores there are people who can help you, even men, and they will be able to recommend what you need, from a colony to a whole line of care for your skin.If you’ve already made the decision to take more care of your physical appearance, you’d better ask yourself to buy a product that’s not ideal for you or that you don’t need.These are the beauty tips men could learn from women.

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