How to cleanse the oily complexion

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Cleanse the Oily Complexion. For many people having oily skin can become a daily problem because the skin is more prone to the accumulation of sebum and, therefore, to the shines and the appearance of acne. However giving you the right care this condition can be controlled perfectly, allowing us to enjoy one of the best benefits of this type of dermis: they age slower because it has a greater elasticity that it is able to maintain by longer, so it’s likely to take longer to develop wrinkles and fine lines. While this is happening, learning to take care of it is basic, we explain how to effectively cleanse the oily complexion.

How to cleanse the oily complexion

Steps to follow:

1.Identify ingesting you have oily complexion.

The first step to cleanse the oily complexion and learn how to properly care for this type of skin is, rightly, to understand that you have a greater propensity to accumulate sebum in your dermis, so you should avoid all those oily or oily textured products as they will not or will not to accentuate that condition. Every product you apply to your complexion should be indicated for oil-free and oil-free skin, as usually expressed on labels. This is key to looking a perfect face all day.

2 Clean your face twice a day.

As with any other face, the oily complexion should be cleaned twice a day: in the morning, when you wake up, and at the end of the day to remove the makeup, dirt and impurities that have accumulated on your face during the day. In fact, even if you haven’t worn makeup, following this routine is basic as your pores will be equally dirty by sweat and ambient impurities.

3 The basics you need to clean seed glyse are:

  • Lotion or cleansing soap preferably in gel or liquid, indicated for oily skin.
  • Astringent facial tonic suitable for your dermis.
  • Moisturizing day and night cream special for oily skin, made from water.

You should always wash your face with preferably cold or warm water, never with hot water because it dilates the pores and stimulates the production of fat. Apply the cleansing lotion, rub gently in a circular form emphasizing those areas where the sebum most accumulates, then remove with water making sure that the skin is completely free of the product. Then apply the tonic with the help of a cotton, you will have to pass it through your face with gentle blows that will help stimulate circulation while removing the residue stool from the cleaner. Finally, you should apply the moisturizer day or night, as the case may be, to ensure that your skin is properly hydrated and in perfect condition. Remember that in this aspect you must choose a water-based product that does not promote fat production.

4. Do not use excessive lotions.

It is important to be clear that when it is intended to cleanse the fatty complexion should not be abused by lotions, gels or soaps. If the cleansing is excessive, it will be a mistreating the skin and risking even more oil. It is recommended to clean two or maximum three times a day, always using the indicated products and not forgetting to use the astringent tonic, a great ally that helps to control the production of fat in our dermis effectively.

5. Exfoliate your face periodically

But to have beautiful and perfect skin it is not enough only with daily cleansings, it is also essential that we exfoliate our face once a week to eliminate the accumulation of dead cells and help our pores close. In our article how to exfoliate the face we tell you, step by step, the right way to do it.

This practice will make a difference, allowing you to show off perfect skin day in and day out.

6. Always carry absorbent paper in your bag

And if you are looking for a trick to eliminate or control the oily complexion when you are away from home, then in your bag you can never miss the special absorbent papers for oily skins. Commonly made with rice paper, these help remove excess sebum from the skin by absorbing it without removing makeup, allowing you to look a matte and perfect skin, ideal to stay out all day without problem. You can find them in makeup and cosmetics stores or in many perfumeries.  

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