How To Deal With Cystic Zits


Cystic pimples is essentially the most painful and extreme sort of pimples that causes essentially the most harm and leaves scarring.
This video will clarify why you get them and easy methods to take care of it.

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  • IDK if its an acne but it looks like an cyst its big its like an inch then my left cheek started growing theres a huge bump on my left cheek i look horrible and even my left eye is a bit swollen

  • I've been on Accutane for NINE MONTHS. and I still have massive cysts. I'm actually depressed and ashamed of going out of my house, I don't know what to do anymore. I had antibiotics to complete Accutane and calm the inflammations but it didn't really worked… Now they want me to take cortisone but the problem is that I'm naturally kind of chubby and putting on weight easily so I don't want to have an extra 30kg yk? I'm honestly starting to think that there isn't a solution to this mess

  • I dont touch my face
    I dont apply makeup at all
    I dont stress
    i do wash my face with benzoyl Peroxide bar soap
    I do apply clindamycin and benzoyl Peroxide on my skin
    I do apply Aloe Vera Gel
    I do drink healthy juices
    I do take in Vitamin C tab and Zinc tab
    I do eat flax seeds
    I do drink alot of water
    I do eat figs

  • After this point i dont care if it leaves a scar or not, i just dont wanna live this pain every fucking day anymore. There is one on my back and even my clothings pressure hurts a fucking lot. It feels like someone is ripping my meat and im done with it 🙁

  • My sister in law has suffered from acne for 2 years. but now her face is completely clean and free of acne by using 'skincare pack' by the planet Ayurveda. she is very happy with the treatment.

  • Hi i really love this channel. It’s so helpful for my skincare. Do you think that you could include pictures of these skin issues on dark skin black people. Sometimes seeing it on white skin isn’t helpful because it looks so different and it leaves me second guessing “is that what i have? I’m not sure. I wish i could see it on dark black skin so I’d be more certain”. Please consider this. Thank you

  • …so ive never had a pimple. yep. instead I get cystic acne exept i get the type where your entire face puffs up and people ask me if im having an allergic reaction constantly

  • For me food plays a big part in my skin changes. Why not, since the skin is your largest organ and definitely gets affected by bodily changes? Or else why would supplements,which are also ingested are said to help? It's not all topical, because even the food and elements we come into play play with our hormones. Just as fragrance messes with your endocrine system, which regulates hormones, which ultimately disturbs other parts of the body, everything is one system, and connected

  • reading all the comments i wanna say i’ve had acne since i got bangs in the 5th grade bc the excess oils and dirt and then it spread to my cheeks by high school and now i’m 20 and i’ve gotten to the point where i absolutely do not care and i hope everyone can too like i still wash my face, toner, retinol, serums, etc the works but when i get a new blemish it’s whatever i’m not crying about it anymore bc it’s not worth it it’s just life and yeah i work to make it better but ultimately it’s out of my control and outside judgement is not my problem it’s theirs

  • So does this include cyst themselves? Like i dont even get pimples of anything i just get one or two large giant bumps. Which are huge cyst that fill with this disgusting cheese like substance

  • I've tried all of this and my acne won't go away. I'm scared, because it only started when I started using proactiv. it messed up my skin and my face is a million times worse

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