How To Take away Tons Of Blackheads & Whiteheads – Pimples Remedy

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37 Replies to “How To Take away Tons Of Blackheads & Whiteheads – Pimples Remedy”

  1. Removing tons of blackheads is what would be nice to see, but your videographer is all over the place with the camera when you get into mid video there showing us your dirty gloves and moving all around and they keep missing the pop! We don't want to see dirty gloves.

  2. Excellent blackheads!! You left some of the contents still in the pore but, overall, great job!!!! You get a thumbs up from me, congratulations!!!! I love this kind of video!!!!

  3. I'm so tired of these camera people focusing on the backs of the gloves of the tech's!!! Once the pores have been expressed, most, if not all popaholics could care less about the expelled sebum on the back of the gloves!!!
    Stay focused on the action, the pops that are being performed because that's what we really want to see!!
    If you just keep up and focus mainly on the awesome pops that are in the video then you'll most certainly make everyone happy!!

  4. Not cleaning each pore out thoroughly,not getting it all out!!!They will just come straight back!This is probably how they keep patients coming back to them,knowing they haven't done a decent job and the spots just fill back up so they have to keep going back to them!rather than actually do a proper job and help sort out patients skin in the long term!One word……parasites!

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