Personal care habits for men

Many people believe that paying attention to physical appearance, personal care, is unique to women, but that idea is a serious mistake. Every man must maintain a routine in his personal arrangement, that is why here are some habits of self-care for men that should follow daily.

Use sunscreen.

To combat the passage of time and decrease the likelihood of getting a disease, such as skin cancer, you need to apply a moisturizer and a sunscreen on your skin in the morning to protect you from UV rays. If you’re going to be overexposed to the sun, cover your skin with a tan lotion. These products prevent skin from becoming damaged, wrinkled and develop spots, you will also be less likely to get skin cancer.

Make changes to your diet.

Stay hydrated and reduce sugar and alcohol consumption, try to sleep for eight hours while using a special night cream, thus accelerating the effects of cell regeneration. If you’re seriously concerned about age marks, ask your dermatologist for a retinol prescription.

Replace the blade to shave every six uses,

A basic principle of shaving hygiene. This prevents the accumulation of dead skin, hair debris and bacteria. It also ensures a precise shave, free of cuts and ingrown hairs.We recommend that the blade change of your razor is every 6 or 8 shaved. While using blades, store them in a dry, ventilated place after washing.
Personal care habits for men
Personal care habits for men

Change the toothbrush every three months,

The bristles of your toothbrush are ineffective after the third month of use, so it’s very important to replace them after this period of time if you want to have healthy oral health and free from bad breath. Toothbrushes are usually inexpensive so it shouldn’t be a problem to change it periodically.

Use a dryer but with the cold air button,

This will make your routine to fix you, easier. Once you’ve achieved the perfect hairstyle, you can use the dryer to make sure everything stays in place. Don’t overdo it with the heat because it can damage your hair.

Always smell good.

Perspiration is the main enemy, however, using a strong fragrance is useless, mainly on hot days, Therefore, it is essential to use the antiperspirant most suitable for you, in addition, you must apply perfume at your pulse points, put it the neck of your shirt, the tips of the hair if it wears long and the bottom of your beard.

Use more conditioner and less shampoo.

To have the ideal hair, we recommend that you use the conditioner and little shampoo every day. It is a good way to remove dirt, tallow and residue from hair products.Also, the conditioner cleanses without completely removing natural oils from the hair, which is what keeps it healthy, hydrated and stylish.If you have a greasy scalp you should further reduce the use of shampoo, ideally use shampoo every three to four days.With these simple personal care habits for men, you’ll get more attractive and feel much more confident. 

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