Skin care in pregnancy. Practical advice.


Skin care in pregnancy.

Get ready to experience this beautiful stage with radiant skin.

There are many changes you need to prepare for when you read about a pregnancy. From habits of life to physical changes, your whole world will turn around new life that grows within you.

Acne, for example, has a higher tendency to appear during the first trimester of pregnancy while staining, during the second.

Pay attention to these tips and learn how to take care of your skin throughout this wonderful stage:

Stains on the Face

For the appearance of stains on the face and consumption treat them without harming your baby, you must prepare the skin before and during pregnancy with the use of products and that of foods containing vitamin B3.

A diet rich in meats, fish, vegetables and cereals.

That are a good source of vitamin B3, with the metabolism of fats and sugars in the body and help you to cell well-being.

Vitamin B3

is water soluble and very stable, has a depigmenting effect and gives radiance to the skin as it blocks the transfer of melanin (protein in giving pigment to the skin) by the melanosome to other cells.

Skin care in pregnancy.
Skin care in pregnancy.

It is ok to make use of facial products with components such as vitamin B3,

linoleic acid, AHA alphahydroxyacids, derivatives of retinol and ceramides, as it is due to moisturizing the skin by inhibiting the loss of water by the corneum stratum (the most superficial layer of the skin ), will promote the prevention and treatment of stains, prevent skin aging and stretch collagen production.

If you already have stains,

You should stay calm as the spots are normal, the best thing you can do is eat foods that contain vitamin B and E, and use sunscreen.

As for acne,

This requires a lot of attention since usual treatments such as anti-inflammatory and acidic acid cannot be used during pregnancy. The first recommendation is that you try to use non-greasy products on the face, not manipulate the granites and the dermatologist to establish the ideal treatment to the case.

Prepare for swelling that happens to hormonal changes,

As estrogens contribute to retaining fluids, which coupled with the pressure exerted on the veins, results in inflammation especially in the legs, in the lower part of eyes and neck. For this discomfort work, you can lie half way to the left side, lift the headboard a little and place cold compresses on your eyelids to decongest.

Here are the tips for skin care during pregnancy.

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