Tips to care for the skin in summer


When summer arrives, with the time comes to show a little more skin since the weather is photography for lighter clothing, especially if we are going to be on the beach. As in this season times more exposed to the sun, we must know how to take care of ourselves. We share 10 tips to take care of your skin in summer:

1. Sunscreen

It is recommended to use sun protection daily in all areas that you go to the sun. I applied the product to expose 20 and 30 minutes before exposure and repeated every 2 hours, or when leaving the water.

2. Add-ons

Also don’t forget to use other protective measures such as use of lipstick with FPS 15, sunglasses and hats.

3. Proper clothing

Wear light, light clothing that covers most of your body, thus avoiding direct sunlight.

4. Sunbathing schedule

It is important to try to avoid sunlight from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., as at that time the rays are stronger. If you can’t avoid exposure, don’t forget sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.

5. Hydration

In addition to avoiding the dehydration so common in summer, drinking water will allow you to maintain the hydration your skin needs for soft verse. To keep your skin hydrated out, use a refreshing spray lotion that you use during the day.

Tips to care for the skin in summer
Tips to care for the skin in summer
6. Cleansing the face

You must cleanse your face 2 times a day without fail, since in summer perspiration is greater and the pores can be covered.

7. Exfoliation

In summer – as in the rest of the year – exfoliation is important to remove dead skin cells and allow their regeneration. This beauty routine helps you have smooth skin.

8. Moisturizing cream

It is important to use a water-based moisturizer on both the face and body, this should be a skin hydration on the skin without heat being a generation of fat film on the surface.

9. Remove sodas

Although tempted by heat, avoid consuming sodas, as these are responsible for the appearance of cellulite and dehydration of the skin.

10. Watch your skin

If you see any changes in your skin (color, texture, moles or abnormal spots) do not hesitate to consult with a doctor’s office. If any skin alterations – aesthetic or medical – is passing on time, there are greater hay condeaths of the treatment sfunction. Here are the 10 tips for taking care of your skin in summer

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