Zits therapy for particular shoppers. Half four Whiteheads and cysts

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  1. Regarding the gloves, maybe as a compromise, the technician can put the material on the back of their hand on the glove, so it doesn't fall off into the clients eyes and mouth and is out of the picture.

  2. I so agree with the comments about the gloves. It’s their culture and they do it so the client can see what has been extracted. Get over yourself other countries have their ways of doing things.

  3. Good job.. stickers keep other channels like Acne Treatment VLogs from stealing it!! You’ve heard of that channel right? I’m sure you have in fact I think you know it quite well LOL.

  4. I'm so glad that you showed how you changed your gloves.

    To those who complain about sebum/etc. about being on the gloves- I mean no disrespect to you. You have a right to your opinions & so do I. Just stop complaining about it. I've been watching these type of videos for 3 years & your complaints go no where.

    If you can watch the stuff being extracted from someone's face or other body parts – it shouldn't bother you. It's the same stuff being put on the gloves. There's no cross contamination. From patient to patient or patient to the person extracting. If it bothers you that much; then you shouldn't be watching pimple popping.

    Other countries & cultures have different methods & different ways of doing things. That doesn't make it right or wrong.

    There's going to be pus, sebum, black heads, blood & gunk extracted. Again, it's the same stuff your watching coming out of a human being & then being placed on top of a latex glove.

    Please just get over it or move on. There's plenty of other videos on YouTube to watch.

  5. FANTASTIC job, all around. I feel so bad for people with this kind of acne, but he is going to have clear skin soon under your care!!! Camera work was spot on as well!!! A+++!!!!!

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